1313 Harmon Ave.

Founded 1988

Private haulers

Private haulers are welcome. Loads are dumped on a concrete pad in Adept's paved facility. Eight dollars a cubic yard, Adept's facility is a valid alternative to the landfill, and the material is properly sorted to ensure as much is recycled as possible.


Adept provides rolloff containers for construction and demolition jobs in central Ohio. Sizes include: 15 cubic yards, 20 cubic yards, 30 cubic yards, 40 cubic yards, 45 cubic yards, and compactors. Our containers are well maintained, and loads are properly sorted back at our facility with the only dirty material recovery facility in Ohio.


Adept provides top of the line service for its customers. Companies across central Ohio rely on Adept for the fastest service in the industry. Call by noon and expect same day service with reputable LEED disposal. Adept's service is unmatched in central Ohio and accomplished through diligent personel, attention to detail, and providing customers with solid facts. Feel free to call our office with further enquiries.


Adept operates the only dirty material recovery facility in Ohio. Adept's recovery rates for recyclable materials are the best in Ohio, and help companies obtain LEED certification in their projects. Adept's rolloff trucks can carry a maximum of ten tons, and range from 15 cubic yards to 45 cubic yards including 45 cubic yard compactors.